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About Our Practice

Welcome to North Village Family Practice, located in Kellyville – one of the vibrant and fast-growing Sydney Hills suburbs. Our family-friendly medical practice provides comprehensive medical services mainly to the residents from the local and surrounding suburbs. We aim to provide the best health care to our communities. For achieving this, our medical practice is run by experienced general practitioners; contains state-of-the-art facilities, and is supported by skilled practice nurses. In addition, allied services and onsite pathology are available in our medical centre.

In North Village Family Practice, our clinical staff are committed to further education and training in order to keep up to date with new research and forefront medical developments.

Patients who visit our practice website for the first time can go onto the Patient Information section for the details of our practice information and policies. We are looking forward to helping you with your health needs at North Village Family Practice.

Health Professionals Working With Us


All our doctors have vast experience is in all aspects of general practice. Their areas of specialty vary from women’s and men’s health, pediatrics, adolescent health, preventative health management, mental health and travel medicine just to name a few. Combined, our General Practitioners can provide the varied needs of all our patients.

Dr Meng Liang completed his undergraduate medical degree in 1999. He undertook his intern and resident training in Western Sydney Area of Health Services covering Westmead Hospital, Blacktown Hospital, Auburn Hospital, Westmead Children’s Hospital and Orange Hospital. Dr Liang gained various experiences in his hospital terms which formed a solid foundation for his career in general practice later. After spending further two years intensive training in general practice at Narooma, South Coast of New South Wales, Dr Liang was awarded the Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2012. Dr Liang has been working as a vocationally registered GP in Sydney Hills and North-West areas since moving back from Narooma. He is well regarded by his patients and colleagues. Dr Liang is interested in all aspects of general practice, and he knows local medical services and specialists very well. Dr Liang is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Dr F Seema Siddiqui’s has worked as a general practitioner for 15 years. She completed her Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2019, alongside completing a diploma in Child Health at Westmead Children’s Hospital. She holds special interests in women’s health, children’s health, and chronic disease issues. Additional studies in skin conditions, child health, and mental health means she is also highly skilled in these areas. Overall, Dr Siddiqui enjoys dealing with a variety of family medicine. In addition to English, she can speak Urdu, Hindi, & Sindhi.

Dr Jason Kwan started his working career as a small animal veterinarian in Melbourne and Hong Kong when he decided to transition to medicine. He completed his medical degree at Monash University and completed his residency at the Austin Hospital and Geelong Hospital in Victoria. After this, he transitioned to General Practice training and completed this in 2019. He has interests in all aspects of general practice and has interests in paediatrics, chronic disease, surgical procedures and ENT. He is trained in Implanon removal and insertion and iron infusion.

Dr Puneet Pandher is an Australian-trained GP and a proud fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). He graduated from the University of Melbourne and went on to undertake his hospital training at Northern Health in Victoria. Over the last few years, he has worked across various general practice settings in both regional and metropolitan Victoria / NSW.
Dr Pandher enjoys working as a GP and helping patients in all aspects of their health. However, he has a particular interest in travel medicine and men’s health. In addition to English, he can also speak Punjabi and Hindi. Outside of work, Dr Pandher enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family and friends.

Dr Farhana Faria obtained her medical degree from University of Dhaka in Bangladesh in 2009. She completed 3 years of postgraduate training in medicine in Bangladesh before migrating to Australia. Since 2014, she trained at several hospitals in NSW including Bankstown Hospital, Campbelltown Hospital, Royal North Shore, and Ryde Hospitals. She subsequently completed the Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Additionally, she completed Diploma in Child Health through Sydney University and the National Certificate in Sexual Health & Family Planning through Family Planning Alliance Australia. She is trained in the insertion and removal of contraceptive implant (Implanon). She has additional working experience in psychiatry.
Dr Faria has strong interests in child health, women’s health, and mental health. Dr Faria also focuses on promoting lifestyle as medicine and preventative medicine. Outside the clinical practice, she works as a medical educator for GP trainees.
Away from work, Dr Faria loves spending time with her family, enjoys hiking, walking, and visiting new places in Australia. She loves forming long-term relationships with her patients and she looks forward to helping you and your families towards better health.

Dr Gayani Lunuwila graduated from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, completing her residency at Blacktown, Liverpool and Fairfield hospitals. Dr Lunuwila went on to complete all her general practice training in various locations around NSW and has obtained the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP).
Dr Lunuwila has always had a strong interest in paediatrics and has completed a Diploma in Children’s health (DCH). Her other special interests include women’s health, geriatrics, adolescent medicine and mental health.
Dr Lunuwila is enthusiastic, non-judgemental and a great listener. She believes in a holistic approach to medicine and enjoys health promotion and patient advocacy.
With medicine being ever-changing, Dr Lunuwila ensures she keeps up-to-date by attending conferences and regular self-education. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family, hiking, cooking, and trying new things.

Dr Mridula Bengre graduated with an MBBS degree in 2009 and went on to complete her Master’s in General Medicine(MD) from Manipal University, India, in 2012. After working in Wollongong and Campbelltown Hospitals, she discovered her passion for General Practice, leading her to become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr. Mridula also completed the Sydney Child Health Program, further strengthening her expertise.
Dr. Mridula has a passion for all aspects of General Practice, with a particular interest in chronic diseases, paediatrics and women’s health. She takes a patient-centered approach, prioritizing personalized care and building strong relationships with her patients.
Outside of her practice, Dr Mridula enjoys cooking and cherishes quality time spent with her husband and two children.


Kameedran Sivarajah

Kameendran Sivarajah is a member of Exercise Sport Science Australia and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with additional qualifications in dry needling and massage.

Services he offers include but not limited to;

Metabolic Services (Chronic Disease Management):
  • Consultation focusing on stress, sleep, diet and exercise management for all metabolic diseases.

  • Exercise prescription for individuals with hypertension, CAD, T2D, weight loss, cancer, asthma and many more.

  • Guided Lifestyle management for individuals with mental illness such as generalised anxiety and depression.

Musculoskeletal services:
  • Management and treatment of acute pain using soft tissue massage and dry needling.

  • Treatment of pain and injuries through corrections of muscular imbalances using active strengthening and passive range of motion techniques.

  • Correction of movement patterns using gait analysis and functional movement corrections.

  • Balance and strength training exercise programs for the elderly population and neurological impairment.

Work cover:
  • SIRA accredited exercise physiologist. Able to treat acute and chronic injury patients.

Kameendran is known as a driven and innovative clinician, passionate about holistic and healthy living and most importantly educating the client in order to feel empowered to make a lifestyle change.


Tuo Tao

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Tuo Tao is an Accredited Practising Dietitian working in private practice with more than 10 years experience.

Tuo enjoys working with people to identify and address their individual needs and lifestyles in order to create lasting change. He embraces a low carb lifestyle and believes health significantly depends on lifestyle, eating habits, cooking methods and daily food choices. By helping people overcome lifestyle issues, learn how to eat mindfully, modify recipes and swap certain foods for healthy tasty alternatives, Tuo has seen them improve their health without necessarily sacrificing a lot.

To equip his clients with the knowledge to make incremental positive changes to their eating and food shopping habits, Tuo has developed a strong interest and knowledge of supermarket foods. At his spare time, Tuo enjoys cooking foods from different culture such as Australian, Indian, South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Middle Eastern and Persian. This experience equips him with practical tips to help people with different culture.

Tuo is also the Founder of Eat Savvi. There he runs a free online community on Facebook and creates videos to educate and empower people to shop and eat in a heathful way. You can find out more and join at eatsavvi.com.au

Except for English, Tuo also speaks Mandarin and knows a lot about delicious and healthy Asian dishes.


Vandana Deshmukh

PhD Clinical Psychologist MAPS, FCCLP

Vandana Deshmukh is a Clinical Psychologist with eight years of experience in the areas of psychological distress and difficulty. Her treatment interventions focus mainly on the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach to the managment of psychological distress and difficulties. Her main area of experience includes pain management and depression management. This includes the ongoing treatment of patients with a work-related injury under Work Cover.

Vandana has earned her doctorate in the area of medical psychology with the application of CBT techiques and strategies to chronic health- related problems. Individuals with distress, depression and anxiety related to chronic pain, diabetes mellitus, asthma, hypertension and the response to a stressor would find an empathic and supportive therapist in Vandana. Women’s health isssues including postnatal depression and pregnancy counselling falal within the precint of Vandana’s area of CBT interventions.


Wei Lu


Wei Lu is a registered psychologist studied psychology at the Western Sydney University before completing a master degree in Brain and Mind Sciences at Sydney University. He provides psychological services under the frameworks of Medicare and State (NSW) Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). He uses evidence-based focused psychological strategies to provide services to adults with a range of psychological issues, such as general stress, insomnia, anger, mood disorder (e.g. depression, bipolar), anxiety disorder (e.g. generalised anxiety, OCD, phobia, panic), posttraumatic stress (PTSD), and workplace bully. Also, Wei provides IQ test (WISC-IV) for children aged between 6y0m and 16y11m. He provides service in both English and Chinese Mandarin (IQ test is in English only).


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